Sunday, December 03, 2006

How To Take Care Your Didge

Here are some tips

1) When you firstly get your didge, don't play it too much for the first day. Your didjeridu would have absorbed moisture from your breath in those few minutes, and the wood in the didjeridu would start to expand a little from this. Allow the didjeridu to reach some sort of equilibrium with its new environment by resting it until the next day. Then play it again for a few minutes and continue this play-rest pattern for a week until you are confident that the didjeridu has adjusted itself adequately.
2) Avoid from expose your lovely didge to heat, especially on a hot day.
3) Some didge players used oil and even varnish to make sure their didges don't crack but it is depend on yourself because not all didge players want to do some modification on their didge. If you seal your didge inside your didge, the sound will probably change.
4) Don't panic if your didge got cracked because it is normal thing. You still can safe it by some repairing.


Anonymous said...

the article said..
padan muka.. korg kalah
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