Friday, October 06, 2006


We proudly present the World Didgeridoo Vibes volume 1 . Thanks you to all the artists who involved in this small project. Those who is interested to get this compilation may contact us directly via e-mail at didjeridooghetto(at) The price is RM 15 for local distribution. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

nak beli satu! 

Posted by pekthong

Anonymous said...

Harituh Ainz ada order dua..tuh kira dgn yang ko skali gak ke pek? Ke lain2 punya? Yang ia punya aku blum bagi lagik.. 

Posted by Pitt

Anonymous said...

eh tak. lain2. nnt kat rantai insyaAllah aku dtg. aku beli situ. cd ko nanti aku bwk skali. 

Posted by pek

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