Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Artists features in the compilation- WORLD DIDGERIDOO VIBES:


Didgespiral is Tomas Bown. He's from Chile but live now in the US. He started playing around 1998 . When he heard the sound for the first time he had only one thing his mind. "I must learn how to play this instrument!" and he did.


Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia A tribal technology sounds with a blend of electronica and percussive elements. Mainly focusing on didgeridoo. They had released their debut Cd “Of The Winds” in 2005 under their own indie label - Malediction Recs. Currently working for their second upcoming release.

Dave Johnston
A 'one man band' project with a big focus on the didgeridoo...There are plenty of examples out there of didgeridoo used in ambient or traditional soundscapes...but this guy mesh it in with a bit of funk...rock...electronica for something a little different.

Joseph Carringer

A professional didgeridoo player that performs live breath Percusion with DJ's. He also practice a form of sound therapy with the didgeridoo called "Harmonic Therapy" .

DJ Ridoo (Steve) has been playing didgeridoo for more than five years now. What started to him as a novelty quickly grew out to be a real passion for the intrument. He was able to build out his experience with the didgeridoo by self-teaching and by performing at gigs. He performs at concerts for relaxation, techno gigs, CD's, solo music gigs and more.

Ed Drury
Ed Drury is a multi instrumentalist, composer, teacher, instrument maker and author. Ed lives in Portland Oregon where he teaches, performs and records. Ed has performed with Francis Firebrace-Jones, a Yorti Yorti story teller, with Australian Folk Musician and songwriter Clancey Dunn, Jawighe, Michael Stirling, Jawihge, Randy Graves, Stephen Kent, Dave Crowder and Land of the Blind. Currently writing and recording with the Ambient/IDM band Solipsism (signed to Herb Recordings in 2006). Solipsism has released the album No Pressure , an EP called Organicism and currently working on a double CD which will be released in 2007.

He has been playing didg for 5 years. First played in australia where aboriginal people gave him blessings to play...A street musician an make his money on the streets, since a couple of months he play with a bank cold Sounds of Atlas.

Nada Baba
NaDa BaBa is James Barrett....Born in Toowoomba, Australia. Playing Yidaki since 1995. Travelled inside and out. Lives at the moment in the far north of Sweden. Plans to play until he drops.


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