Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sepetik Telunjuk @ Seksan Design, Bangsar.

We were at the Sepetik Telunjuk experimental photopgraphy exhibition on last April if i'm not mistaken. One of the photographer, Pek Thong invited us to make some 'noise' on the opening night. The crowd was very supportive and encouraging. Here is a VIDEO on that night which was taken by missaoki.


Anonymous said...

when i was in perth,i've been to fremental.then i saw a bunch of guy in the street,i'm not sure wut street is it,but they were playing that was benda alah tu mahai nak mampuih..huhuhuhu...
so tgk n pegang kire ok kat sana memang best..street artist sangat cool n very talented..oleh itu,kepada yang berbakat,sile lah menjadi street artist..even kite kat m'sia ni memandang "kureng" dgn insan2 seni ini..marilah memperjuangkan street art ini..heheheheh..chow.. 

Posted by aegis cinonet

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