Friday, February 03, 2006


date:4 February 2006 ,Sabtutime:10-12 tghari
Apa yang perlu dibawa?
- didjeridoo memasing ......kalu takde tuh nak join gak tarak hal munyer .....- makanan/minuman sendiri so leh ler kiter kongsi2 ...- stuff untuk trade dan sbgnya.
Camna nak ke sana?
- naik Putra LRT dan berhenti di Stesen Taman Jaya (Petaling Jaya)..- Taman tuh opposite Amcorp Mall..
contact didjeridoo-ghetto at :- or or

0125927723 (pitt)0126466857 (chapitt)


chapit said...

heuheuh aku rasa akan dpt gmbo dari sapek dlm minggu nih kot..nanti leh ler ko update kat fotopages didj ghetto tuh ...aku tgk senyap jerk sejak dari dulu lama dah x update wehhh..... ermmm mintak aaaa si ecah upload gmbo dari camera dier.leh aku tgk..... nanti mintak ler adam burn aku vid time ari tuh...ahahhhah...

Anonymous said...

Please post this message to your site or newsletter or email list. Thankyou.

Wherever you are on this beautiful planet on 23 September 2006, please allow for one hour starting at your local sunset time. If you cannot set that hour apart, be with us in spirit as much as you can during that hour. Play didj, join souls, play your instruments, sing, hum JOIN US! INVITE FRIENDS!

Four times a year people all over the world take part in this didgeridoo sound healing meditation wherever they are. The didgeridoo meditation happens on the equinoxes and solstices at local sunset times. It is like a wave of healing sound following the sunset around the globe four times a year.

So the meditation starts in New Zealand (since they are the first large land after the date line); soon after participants in Australia, Taiwan, Japan and other Asian countries join in; the wave will then be carried on by participants in Arab countries, Israel, Africa and Europe with Americans, Canadians, Middle and South Americans complete the world wide circle.

We will do this didgeridoo meditation at every solstice and equinox, so we will join our global energy playing didgeridoo four times a year. Join our growing worldwide didgeridoo circle in this regular meditation, the next one will be on 23 September 2006.
Please email us- let us know where you are participating. There are many who would join in…for more info go to

Posted by Shiralee

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